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My Dad's Story

Cpl. Joseph Dobrowolski

Corporal Joseph Dobrowolski - USAAF  

by John Dobrowski (Son)              

This is my story of Corporal Joseph Dobrowolski. I recall as a boy seeing Dad’s military uniform in the closet and asking him of his service. He didn’t talk much about it but three things I do remember him saying was that he was an airplane mechanic with the P47 Thunderbolts, was stationed at Boxted, England with the 56th Fighter Group, and changing the markings on the planes in preparation for


It wasn’t until recently I began to research Boxted and the 56th to find out how successful and important they were during WWII. I found the web site for Boxted and read about the museum that would be built 2011. I was determined to go there. In 2015 I did. While there I met Richard and Anne Turner. I’ve been in contact with Richard via email since my visit. He was able to supply me with additional information about the base and historical events at Boxted for which I am very grateful. 

From what I could find, my Dad was in the 3704 USAAF Base Unit and was trained at Fort Dix, NJ. He arrived in England May 8th, 1943. His discharge papers state he was a crew chief for P47s and the B-17 heavy bombardment aircraft. He went to British Air Mechanic School in Warrington, England. It’s not clear when he arrived at Boxted. I contacted the US military archives seeking more information only to find out records of military personnel 1912–1959 were destroyed by fire. 

I hope with this website someone may see this story and have knowledge or pictures of my Dad that they can share. I am very interested and proud of my father’s military service and his connection to Boxted. I am looking forward to my return visit to Boxted for the 75th anniversary event in 2018.   

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