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Father's Day Reflections

In the backseat of a car, I peered out the window and took in the green landscape glittered with beautiful yellow flowers that rested outside in the vast beyond. My father sat in the passenger seat and chatted with Mr. Richard Turner as Mrs. Anne Turner sat in the back with me, informing me of her interest in flowers and bells. I remember feeling so happy to be visiting the English countryside, especially with my father. The day before we found ourselves in the countryside, my father and I visited the Imperial War Museum in London. I was excited to visit the museum with him and learn more about British involvement in WWI and WWII. I learned so much about the RAF at the IWM and it was exciting to learn alongside my equally eager and enthusiastic father who, like me, has a bit of an obsession with military history. Now we had ventured beyond London to see what else England had to offer. Once my father and I reached Boxted Airfield Base, I was able to see where my grandfather, Billie B. Boyd Jr., worked and lived for a few months in the war. Walking in the same fields where my grandfather walked was surreal to me. I couldn’t believe that I was finally able to see a place that made such an impact on my grandfather’s life. I felt even more connected to my grandfather now and wanted to learn even more about his legacy at Boxted.

I was excited to learn that while my father and I were visiting Boxted Airfield Base, we would be staying at the Red Lion Hotel in Colchester. My grandfather stayed at the inn in 1943 and now in 2016 I was going to be able to stay there too! I enjoyed staying in an inn that not only was established in 1465 but that was also connected to WWII history and my family’s history as well. My father and I celebrated the occasion with a delicious pint. When my father and I visited the Boxted Airfield Museum, I was able to explore pictures and memorabilia from my grandfather’s time at Boxted Airfield Base. I was able to see pictures of my grandfather and his fellow comrades on the base and read letters written by him and the men. My grandfather’s legacy at the base was so inspiring and led me to learn more about the men and women who worked diligently for the Allied cause during the war.

On this Father’s Day, I want to thank my grandfather for his service to his country. I want to show my appreciation for his courage, bravery, and determination to fight for what is right. I want to thank my father for taking me to England and showing me Boxted Airfield Base. Thank you, Dad, for answering all the questions I have about my grandfather in the war and imparting all your military knowledge on me. It has been amazing to learn about the men and women in both America and Britain who worked towards securing a better and brighter future for all. I am so thankful that I am able to learn about my grandfather through my father and keep his spirit alive on this website!

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